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What is WSSI Safety Surfacing?

WSSI Safety Surfacing is a Rubberized Safety Surface consisting of granulated rubber that is poured in place, covering your existing surface.

Where does WSSI Safety Surfacing work best?

WSSI installs in both indoor and outdoor applications. Our surfaces are commonly used in both indoor and outdoor Pool and Playground areas. Although, we have installed our product in Fitness areas, Spas, Mini Golf Courses, Business Entranceways, Driveways and the list continues to grow everyday!

How is WSSI Safety Surfacing installed?

Certified WSSI trained installers apply all of our Surfacing. WSSI custom blended granules are bagged and the resin arrives in pails. For residential applications the material and equipment is manageable by one person, therefore minimizing the impact of our presence. We simply mix our product and hand trowel the mixture on to the existing surface.

How soon can I use my surface?

This depends on which product you select! WSSI offers a number of different options to meet your project needs. Some Binders require only 24 hrs before access while others may require up to 5 days. Your WSSI Representative will be more than happy to explain the differences and recommend the best product for your application.

What Colours are available?

This is the fun part !! WSSI offers standard mixtures that meet most tastes. That being said, between all of our Product Lines, WSSI offers over 40 different colour options! By blending different colours the possibilities are truly endless. For a minimal fee WSSI will gladly create a Custom Blend just for you!

What Sub Base is required?

WSSI can install over just about any Sub Base including Concrete, Asphalt, Wood, Tile, Vinyl Decking and Compacted gravel.

How Does Winter Weather affect the surface?

No problem at all! Use plastic snow shovels and an ECO Friendly Ice melter. Rubber expands and contracts naturally unlike Concrete and Asphalt!

How about the heat of the summer?

WSSI Safety Surfacing is a porous product. This acts as an insulator and you will find your deck cooler than a typical stamped concrete or vinyl deck. WSSI product is installed in a number of locations with south facing pool decks and our clients love them!

Will the colour fade?

WSSI uses the best available products on the market! Most residential applications use a Non Recycled Product manufactured for this application. WSSI primarily uses a TPV Rubber which has shown to have the best UV stability available! TPV along with an Aliphatic Resin offers the best in UV stability.

Has WSSI product been tested?

WSSI is constantly testing our products both internally and by Independent Laboratories. Please contact WSSI for a list of our test results. If you or your company require specialty testing, WSSI would be happy to work with you to meet you individual Safety Requirements.

How do I clean WSSI Safety Surfacing?

Most often a pressure washer will meet most requirements! With a difficult stain we have had success with Simple Green Product or a Bleach and Water Solution. Feel free to ask your WSSI Rep. We would be happy to help!

What about repairs if Required?

This is one of the best features of a WSSI Safety Surface. A WSSI rep can complete a repair quickly and efficiently, most often blending perfectly with the existing surface. Your WSSI rep will always leave you with a reasonable amount of product from the initial installation to insure the consistency of the colour.

What is the warranty offered?

WSSI offers a no hassle 3 Year Warranty on Residential Installations and a 3 Year No Hassle Warranty on Commercial Installations. WSSI offers a simple, easy to read warranty. Have a look at our Testimonials!

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